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scary puppet show


scary puppet show


based on based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

I have to create a creature. A friend. There is a way. I have experimented with rats and frogs. My assistant brings me body parts. I want closeness, but at the same time I am destroying lives. Soon I will reach my goal.
Ah, I lost touch with reality a long time ago.


12. august 2023, Hin&Weg festival, Austria

Viktor F _ Katarina Zalar (06).jpg


Author: Mary Shelley, Tea Kovše, Yves Brägger
Directed by Marlies Franz, Christian Moser
Dramaturgy: Tea Kovše
Costume and Stage design: Katarina Zalar
Puppet design: Tea Kovše, Katarina Zalar
Acting: Yves Brägger
Music: Aleš Gangl (Zircus, Društvo spektakularne glasbe)
Opera singing, soprano: Mateja Potočnik

Puppet animation: Tea Kovše, Yves Brägger
Micro cinema theater: Yves Brägger
Mentor: Gavin Glover

Photo: Katarina Zalar

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