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Let me tell you the truth

I am a puppet.

Tea made me during the first corona lock down in March 2020. Yes, I know, I am a corona project. More about this you can see below. But, stay with me! I still have something to tell. 

So, actually Tea made me because she couldn't visit her grandfather. She said, I look like him. I do not agree. But I got used to be a grandfather substitute to her.

After all I am just a puppet.

So, because of the strange circumstances in which we found ourselves in 2020, we produced an autobiographical puppet show together. Mainly I was working, Tea and Yves were just bossing me around. The title of the show is "MOŽ! sit with me". It's my autobiography. The premiere was in August 2020 in Klagenfurt. I'm not so sure yet, if I really like to share intimate feelings and my ways of percieving the world so much. But, people loved me because I am adorable and tiny.

If you want to meet me, you will have to wait a bit – but you can write to me. I will answer, in due time. Now I am busy with preparing a new show. It is about being sick. Phew, I am shivering – got to rest now. 



My identity 

It is not like I was able to choose who I am. Tea decided on a body shape that is associated with a quality of movement. I can do lots of things, more than you can do as a human. I am so proud of it. For example, I am very good at walking on the wall. 

I do not care too much about other things. It was Tea who decided on the details of my identity. She also made my outfit and hair. I think all this is overated. Who really knows about their own identity? Isn't it a little confusing now and then for everyone?

Whatever, this is not really my topic and I have no control over it. Ask Tea, maybe she knows. For sure she never told me about all this. But, I look good as a woman, don't I?


My body

3 – kopija.jpg


The technique is called needle sculpting.



These are my first two heads. They didn't fit well.

10 – kopija.jpeg


This is it.

12 – kopija.jpg


I always wished for a fruitful life.

13 – kopija.jpg


Looking for an adventurous outfit, which did not work well.

14 – kopija.jpg


Just a normal person. One head, two arms and two feet.

15 – kopija.jpg
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